18 Nov 2022


The Annual Report/Ripoata a Tau and Financial Statements 2022 are available now CLICK HERE

Ngati Porou whanau and hapu members are encouraged to attend the upcoming hui which will be held on Saturday 19th November at Uepohatu Marae in Ruatoria.

The Hui a Tau is one of the major highlights on the Ngati Porou calendar, and provides the most direct opportunity to hear, straight from the elected representatives and senior management of TRONPnui. The AGM also provides the opportunity for whanau and hapu members to:

  • receive reports, minutes and financial audited accounts from the TRONPnui governance and managers 

  • ask questions, seek clarification and raise matters of interest about the organisation’s activities over the past year and future plans.

Ngati Porou unable to attend the hui, can still participate by listening and watching live from anywhere around the world.  Links to the Radio Ngati Porou live broadcast and TRONPnui livestream will become available on the day here on www.ngatiporou.com