Written by: Paora Brooking
10 Jul 2015

“Kia Ora... I want to go up the Maunga” – this is the most common request when answering the phone at Tourism Ngati Porou. However the reply they receive stops some in their tracks, as they realise the journey they wish to undertake is a bit bigger than they originally anticipated or remembered.

“Are you wanting to tramp independently? Are you wanting a guided tour? Do you want to stay the night?” There are a few more questions that follow and usually ends up with the caller having to go away and speak with their group, or think a bit more about how they wish to experience Maunga Hikurangi.

Earlier this year a young German Tour- ist was trapped on the Maunga and rescued by Search and Rescue Volunteers who braved treacherous terrain to retrieve him. This incident (amongst others) highlights the need for people to respect the maunga. It is definitely not a walk in the park!

Hikurangi is our sacred taonga which holds a special place within the hearts and souls of Ngati Porou. With that in mind the following korero has been prepared to help inform our own people, as well as our manuhiri, about how to safely and respectfully experience the maunga.

Before Heading Up The Maunga

Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou are responsible for coordinating all visitors to the mountain, that are not visiting for farming or forestry purposes. Please make contact with Paora Brooking, the Tourism Ngati Porou co-ordinator at the Ruatoria office before heading up, and also notify Paora once safely off the maunga. Please also note there are no dogs, guns or mountain bikes to be taken onto the Maunga. Personal 4x4 access is also restricted.

Tourism Ngati Porou Activities

We offer 4x4 Guided tours to the Maui Carvings 1000m above sea level; a guided summit tour which includes the 4X4 Tour to the Maui Carvings; an over- night service where the guide will stay the night and guide the group to the summit to view the sunrise. We also offer a 4X4 drop off service for those wanting to skip the 10.5km hike to the hut.

Info For Trampers

Please note that an average level of fitness is required for all wishing to climb the Maunga. Ensure you have good foot- wear and take your cell phone as there is limited coverage on the Maunga. Be prepared for sudden changes in weather conditions - Maunga Hikurangi is an alpine environment (summit 1752m), therefore the weather is unpredictable and you can expect rain, fog, cloud, strong winds, snow and extreme cold at any time of the year. Also be prepared to turn back if weather conditions deteriorate. The track is designed for walking during daylight hours and is not safe to attempt in poor light.

Staying at the Hutt

There is a $15 per adult $10 per child hut fee. Most people will tramp the Maun- ga independently, stay the night in the hut, wake up at least three hours before sunrise and climb the 2-3 hour tramp to watch the sunrise from the summit.

Respect the maunga. Take nothing but photos and memories. Leave nothing but footprints.

For more info contact: 

Paora Brooking

Tourism Ngati Porou

Tel 0800 833 502

Mob 021 865 316



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