1 Sep 2021

Hei aha te Macds Fillet o Fish! - 160 iced bins of fish will be packed and delivered to hapori in Ngati Porou and Turanga-nui-a-Kiwa.

“The fishing boat is due to land today - Thursday morning we will drive up the coast and distribute as we go”, said Brett Johnston, (Hinerupe ki Waiapu), Ngati Porou Holding Company, Programme Manager.

Te Whanau a Hunaara, Ngati Konohi and Ngai Tamanuhiri approved customary fisheries permits so fish could be caught to feed whanau.

Hapu leads from Ngati Porou and Turanganui-a-Kiwa are organised waiting to receive the “catch of the day” and distribute within their respective hapori.

“Pakeke will be the only ones where the fish will be delivered. Everyone else will need to pick up their own fish, gut and scale”, said Lillian Te Hau-Ward, one of the hapu leads for Tokomaru Akau.

Maintaining community safety still paramount, hapu leads ensuring COVID-19 Alert level 3 protocols apply.

Ms Te Hau-Ward says “No contact engagement, so stay in your car, wear a mask and gloves and grab one bag from the table and drive off.”

It is expected that weekly distributions will occur for the next few weeks.