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1 Nov 2013

The fund called Nati 2degrees Moni Whakapakari i te iwi Whanui will help assist Ngati Porou communities with increasing their accessibility to the internet, and developing the digital capabilities and skills of their people. The fund is an outcome of an innovative partnership between Ngati Porou and mobile telecommunications company, 2degrees.

In August the partnership announced that 2degrees would provide all mobile voice and data services to a consortium of seven Ngati Porou organizations, made up of Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou Ngati Porou Fisheries, Pakihiroa Farms, Ngati Porou Hauora, Ngati Porou Forests, East Coast Rugby Union and Radio Ngati Porou. In return the company would donate five percent of each organisations monthly spend back to the Iwi through a community fund.

With the fund recently established, individual Ngati Porou Iwi members have the opportunity to contribute to the collective pool as well. By signing up to the Nati 2degrees Association, five percent of their mobile communication spend will also go towards the Community development fund.

So far almost 300 people have registered to the Nati 2degrees Association, including private businesses owned by Ngati Porou members. Allan Jensen, Chief Financial Officer for Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou says the purpose of Nati 2degrees reflects how the fund was originally generated and has broad application to Iwi members.

“We all use technology in our everyday lives, but this fund will provide further opportunities for Ngati Porou to connect, create and innovate. Projects could include computer literacy wananga, marae Wi-Fi connectivity, digital archiving of taonga, or ICT grants and scholarships.” Ngati Porou who have projects which support Ngati Porou rangatahi, hapu, marae and communities will have the opportunity to apply to the fund. More information about the application criteria and process will be available once the fund is open for submissions.

2degrees CEO Stewart Sherriff says the initiative is exciting as it blurs the line between commercial and community interests to deliver a unique set of benefits to all. “Technology is rapidly changing and it’s important people are brought long with it. We are proud to be involved in this trail-blazing initiative that will not only ensure Ngati Porou’s future mobile technology needs are met, but the rich cultural fabric of its wider community is further enhanced by IT and learning new skills,” he says.

What are the benefits of joining the Nati 2degrees Association?

The Association provides another way to help contribute to Ngati Porou community development, via the Nati 2degrees Fund. Specia promotions will also be available to members of the Association scheme.

How do I become a member of the Nati 2degrees Association?

To join the Association:

  • You MUST Be a Registered Member or Associate Member (or prepared to become a member) of the Ngati Porou Iwi database.
  • You MUST Be over the age of 18.
  • You MUST Be on a 2degrees Carryover plan 24 month contract.

What if I am unsure whether I am Registered on the Ngati Porou Iwi Database? Or that I definitely know I am not registered as a Member or Associate member, but want to become one?

Visit the Ngati Porou Iwi Database Page on the website to check your info or enrol. You can also get in touch with the Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou IwiDatabase Manager, Hiria Shaw by phoning call free 0800 833 502 or emailing

I’d like to join the Association but I’m on 2degrees pre-pay?

You may like to consider upgrading from pre-pay to their monthly Carry Over plan contracts. These plans start from $29 per month, and if you spend more than this on prepay it may be worth your while to look into the financial benefits of upgrading. For example on $29 plans you can carry your data over to the next month, have unlimited texts to NZ and Australia, and phone calls to your whanaunga in Aussie are the same price as calling your relations in NZ.

I’d like to join the Association but I’m with another mobile phone company?

 If you are with Vodafone or Telecom talk to one of the kaimahi at your local 2degrees store. They may be able to help you overcome getting a disconnection fee if you are charged for changing over. You can also keepyour old number if you become a 2degrees customer.

I have a business, so can I sign up my company cell phones to the Association?

Yes you can, as long as you are a Registered Member or Associate Member (or prepared to become a member) of the Ngati Porou Iwi database. Contact Spencer Lake for more details: Tel: 06 390 0010, Mobile: 021 825 380, email:

I’m keen to join, what do I do next?

 Talk to one of the friendly kaimahi at your local 2degrees store, and tell them you would like to sign up to the Nati 2degrees Association.

Ngati Porou Register

To register on the Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou database o update your contact details:

  • Visit, or
  • get in touch with Hiria Shaw call free on 0800 833 502, or
  • email

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