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Written by: Kaapua Smith
8 Dec 2014

Nati Power could help your marae win Pā Wars....or at least some new mattresses and sheets. That’s because Te Runanganui o Ngāti Porou and Contact Energy are teaming up for Ngāti Porou Pā Wars 2015 in an effort to raise the number of people switching on to Nati Power, and ultimately lift the amount of money raised to go towards the power costs of the marae of Ngāti Porou.

“Nati Power is all about drawing on our collective buying power to derive benefit for the marae of Ngāti Porou. We have raised almost $8,000 so far for our marae, but we really want to raise more before the promotion ends on the 19th of December 2014,” said Amohaere Houkamau, Toitu Ngāti Porou Chairperson.

“Pā Wars is the ultimate display of marae pride, and it’s a key event for our whānau, hapu and iwi. What better event to show our pride in our marae, and to demonstrate that healthy competitive streak that is wired into the Nati DNA while celebrating our collective leverage as Nati Power?” said Ms Houkamau.

Contact Energy and Te Runanganui o Ngāti Porou are giving Ngāti Porou Marae the chance to win new mattresses and sheets. Every person participating in Pā Wars 2015 can submit an entry into the competition, with each entry counting as a point towards their chosen marae, and being included in the final points tally for the 2015 Ngāti Porou Pā Wars.







“You don’t have to be a Contact customer to enter this competition, although if you are signed up with Nati Power your entry will be worth two nominations for the marae that you choose, which will gain two Pā Wars points,” said Tina Porou, Head of Communications and Sustainability at Contact Energy.

“We want to make sure that as many people as possible are aware of Nati Power, engage in this initiative and really think about the needs of our marae, and the ways that we as whanau can support our marae.”

“Your last chance to sign up to Nati Power is on the 19th of December 2014, with the final amount raised to be revealed at Ngāti Porou Pā Wars on the 3rd of January in Ruatoria,” said Ms Porou.







Replace your marae's old mattresses with new mattresses! Enter the competition today.

For more information on the competition, or to enter a marae into the draw to win some new gears and some bonus Pā Wars points go to this page The marae with the most valid nominations will win the prize.

Nati Power is a special package provided by Contact Energy which includes; a 22% discount on your power bill when you sign up to on-line services, and pay your bill on line and on time with direct debit, internet banking or smoothpay - check out the full deal on Contact’s website.  For every customer with Nati Power on the 31st of December, $50 will be given towards paying the power costs of the marae of Ngāti Porou.

“Collective impact is what we are looking for,” said Ms Houkamau. “500 sign-ups will generate $25,000 for our marae 5,000 sign-up generates $250,000 for our marae. It is really a no brainer.”

For more information on Nati Power see

Tukuna mai o whakaaro


Kia ora! This is fabulous, but how does one ensure that their sign-up is attributed to their marae as there is nowhere in the process that allows you to choose your marae. I've signed up myself and several whanau members but can't see how this will add to count for us.

Kia ora Ani,

To wnter the marae into the comp you go to this page and write the name of the marae in the comment box below. Anyone can vote and if you are a Nati Power customer say that in your comment and your vote gets counted twice.

If you mean the putea for power - whatever money is raised will be split equally between all the marae (if they arent on the grid they will still get a payment) so when you sign up to Nati Power you cant select a specific marae.

Nga mihi,
Na Kaapua

hi Ani, if you comment on the Nati power page on this website with your marae, or two nominations if you are a Nati power customer, we are counting all the marae up, and getting all the nominations and adding them to the pa wars points.