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14 Dec 2014

Take a quick tour around - a constantly evolving platform, structured into five main sections: Kainga (Homepage), Nati News, Nati Story, Nati Life and Nati Biz.

The central organising idea behind this framework was based on the concept of inter-connectedness. Each section could potentially find a relationship with the other four sections in some way: through our past, present and future; through our shared history and whakapapa; through the vast continuum of Ngati Porou development.

For example a user of the site could read a recent article about Ngati Porou’s fisheries quota in the Nati News, which could then link to a historical account about our Iwi’s fishing practices in the Nati Story. This story could then link to a kaimoana recipe in Nati Life, which could then link to an overview about the activities of Ngati Porou Seafood Group in Nati Biz.

To accompany the re-launch of the site we have also introduced a range of official Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and You Tube (a TRONPnui Linked In account and Instagram account will be launched at a later date). These additional digital platforms provide a way to further help us to connect and engage with Iwi members.

We encourage you to take a tour around, and to send us your stories, photos, panui and feedback.

Kainga (Home)











The ‘home’ of –come here to get your Coast weather update, see what events and panui are being promoted, listen to Radio Ngati Porou live on air, have your say on our opinion polls and view the latest commentary on our social media channels.

Nati News











Stay up to date with the latest korero from home – news, views and information. Also find out what other Natis are up to around the motu, and further afield. Nati News is also the place to have your say or share panui about upcoming events and hui.

Nati Story











An evolving digital repository of stories about our whanau, hapu and Iwi – by multiple storytellers from multiple perspectives. Nati Story is also a forum to share your own stories, or find out where to begin your search.

Nati Life











Expressing and exploring contemporary lifestyles of Ngati Porou today – our people, our culture, our identity. Nati Life also includes sections for Ngati Porou marae and Ngati Porou rangatahi.

Nati Biz











The place to go to discover more about our “tribal biz” – our collective economic interests and Iwi governance affairs. Nati Biz also features a Ngati Porou business directory and information about Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou.

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