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1 Nov 2013

Marae have long been recognised as being the focal point of any thriving Maori community – providing a place for our people to celebrate, to hui, to wananga and to mourn.  By supporting our marae to operate effectively we create an environment that enables our tikanga and reo to flourish, thereby enhancing the communities that sustain them.

In acknowledgement of the vital role our marae play in our communities, towards the end of last year the Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou board committed $5 million over the next five years (2013–2018) to be distributed to 50 Ngati Porou marae.

This allocation works out to $100,000 per marae over a 5 year period, or when spread out annually $20,000 per annum. In addition the Board also approved a one off capital grant of $10,000 for each Marae engaged in capital or restoration works.

This kaupapa was first promoted publically earlier this year at the Marae and Community Funding Expo held at Rauru marae, and also in the March editions of Nati Link and Te Panui o Te Poari.

Marae Grant application forms and information were sent out to marae representatives in June. To receive the funding marae must have completed the applications form, and must also be a functioning marae listed on the Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou Trust Deed approved marae schedule.

Marae have the opportunity to choose not to apply one year and take more the next. If a marae needs their total allocation for a large building project they can ask other marae to postpone their allocation for that year and receive double the following year. To date some of the projects that marae have asked for assistance with include; wharenui re-roofing, feasibility reports and construction drawings, a new ride on mower and gas stove.

In the scheme’s first financial year (July 2013-June 2014) the Runanganui has capacity in its reserves to pay out the first year’s distribution of $1 million. Going forward the annual $1 million payout will come from the wealth generated by Ngati Porou Holding company’s investments.

For more info about the scheme please contact Leeanne Morice at Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou, tel 06 8649 004 or

Lottery Marae Heritage and Facilities Fund

 The Department of Internal Affairs also provides a putea to support marae through their Lottery Marae Heritage and Facilities funding scheme. Funding is available for both one-off and staged capital works projects and conservation projects, as well as capital work project plans and conservation reports.

Examples of capital works projects such as the construction or redevelopment of marae based facilities include: wharenui, wharekai, wharepaku, tangata whenua or manuhiri shelters, waka shelters, car parking and fencing, the upgrade of essential services required by regulation or for safety and full function of the facilities eg. plumbing, sewerage systems, electrical installations or firesprinklers.

At the time of applying for the fund applicants must have raised a minimum of 33.3% of the total project cost, and have completed all the necessary accompanying consent and paper work. The closing date for the next Lottery Marae Heritage and Facilities Fund is Wednesday 5th February 2014.

For further information contact about the scheme call the freephone 0800 824 824 or visit this weblink. 

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