Te Kokonga Nati / Rangatahi Nati Profiles
14 Nov 2014












Ko Pukemanuhiri te maunga. Ko Motumako te awa. Ko Te Whanau a Tapuhi te hapu. Ko Taumata o Tapuhi te Marae. Ko Ngati Porou te iwi. Ki te taha o to matou mama - ko Mamaeroa raua ko Warwick Olsen o matou tipuna. Ki te taha o to matou papa ko Kata Te Rangi raua ko Te Hoani Matekairoa (Nick) Baker o matou tipuna.
Ko Jason Baker raua ko Gabrielle Olsen o matou matua. Anei matou ko Te Uarangi, Te Maiora, me Kaipo e mihi atu nei. Tena koutou!

My name is Te Uarangi Olsen-Baker. I am 16 and attend Lytton High School. I've been playing sports since I was five, starting with gymnastics and soccer. I have represented the Poverty Bay Girls soccer teams in all the age groups over the years. When I was 13 I was invited to play in the Womens Tairawhiti Soccer Rep team, we won "Gold". It was an awesome experience to play with the women at that level as it helped me to improve my own game. I enjoy playing rugby, netball, basketball, touch, and Ki-o-Rahi. For the last 2 years I was selected for the N.Z Secondary Schools Ki-o-Rahi Team. Last year I was awarded the Junior Sports Girl of my high school.

Through my sports I have met some amazing people and made lifelong friends. I think it is important to surround myself with other young people who are also focused and committed to their sports, health and fitness. Training takes up a lot of my time which is good, that way I'm always busy and have no time to be idle or get into trouble.

Sadly this year I tore my A.C.L in my left knee, so things have been put on hold, while a recover from an operation. My time away from my sports has annoyed me, but I am more determined to get back out there.

Doing well in my sports and school work brings my Mum, my sisters and our whole whanau happiness, which makes me feel good. My advice to other young Natis out there is to never take anything for granted. We lost our Dad when were all very young, so our Mum has always encouraged and supported us. She says "we should never use any of our misfortunes as an excuse not to succeed". I believe that if you make good decisions you will have a good life. Kia ora tatou!

Hi, my name is Te Maiora Olsen-Baker. I'm 14 years old and am a student at Lytton High School. Like my sisters I too love sports. Some of my proudest achievements would be winning Gisborne Gymnast of the Year when I was 7 and 9. I have played rep soccer when I was 11 and was selected to attend the National Talent Camps. At that time I had dreams of being a professional soccer player. This year I along with my sister Te Uarangi, made the NZ Secondary Schools Ki-o-Rahi Team.These days I'm into basketball. After playing in the NZ Nationals this year I was selected to attend a National Talent Camp. I'm off to Australia to represent NZ in the Under 16 Koru Basketball Tour. I feel really humbled yet so excited! Right now our whanau are hard out fundraising to send my sister Kaipo and I over to Australia.

During the school holidays I went to see Miley Cyrus. My Aunty Rochele had a spare ticket. I had never been to concert before it was an amazing experience.

I am passionate about my sports. I enjoy goal setting and bettering myself in everything I do. My advice to other young "Natis" would be that "you don't need to be great to get started, you just need to get started to be great!"

I'm Kaipo Olsen-Baker. I'm 11, the baby. I enjoy squash, netball, basketball, softball, ultimate frisbee, softball, soccer and rugby. I love being active and when I grow up my plan is to earn money from playing sports. Some of my proudest sporting moments would be when I played and captained the Gisborne Intermediate girls rugby 7's team, we won the B.O.P/Poverty Bay Intermediate girls rugby 7's and I was the highest score tryer for my team.

During the school holidays I went to Dunedin to play at the NZ National Under 13 Basketball tournament. From that tournament I was selected for the NZ Under 14 Girls Basketball team - so I'm off to Australia with my older sister Te Maiora next year.

Sports helps me to give focus and teaches me things like goal setting and having committment to training and turning up on game days. I think if you enjoy doing what you do then you will get better at it.

Te Maiora and Kaipo were both selected to represent NZ Basketball. Their whanau are fundraising to send them to Australia next year, so if you would like to sponsor these 'Nati" girls please contact Gabrielle Olsen 0273445162 or email gabeolsen@yahoo.co.nz


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It was so awesome to read Tarryne. You have done a great job profiling our tamariki. I hope that they inspire other young ones to start dreaming and working toward achieving their goals...

What fantastic role models you all are, for the many Ngati teenagers out there. Your focus, attitude and gratitude for everything you do is amazing and is a reflection of your upbringing, well done Gab and all the whanau that have supported you all thus far. Congratulations on all your achievements and we look forward to hearing more great write ups like this in the future.

thank you for your kind words too Mitch...xxx

Beyond words what you have achieved girls, ka pai tino pai. Gabe you have strength we all can learn so much from. Life has dealt you some incredibly tough cards and you have fought the battle and never gave up. These 3 talented head strong wahine are a product of you. What a success you are. Lots of love your very proud friend, Milly.

hay Milly..gee thank you for your kind words..I guess at the end of the day we all get dealt a few bumps in the road but for every bump there are alot of good things that happen and ive been super lucky that the girls have had a passion for sport from a really young age and now as they grow their sport has been like the other parent helping to teach the girls about committment, being reliable,humble etc..where are you these days??hope you are alggod..thank you lots aye..xxxoooxxx

Kia ora girls,
I knew your dad back in the day. We worked the kiwifruit season in Te Puke. Gabrielle, what an awesome job you have done with your babies.I was only talking about Jase the other day, about how he was really good at playing the gat, then what do you know, I see this post of his babies on FB.
Brought a smile to my face. Where do we donate? I live in Brisbane but happy to share the love.

kia ora Tracey for your korero..The girls enjoy hearing stories about their Dad and what he was like and all those things..It helps them to keep him alive within them and to feel like they know their Dad..so thank you for that..if you would like to tautoko their trip to Oz for the basketball the account number is 02 1246 0125094 001 (SG BAKER)(The Co-Operative Bank of NZ)..Thank you once again for your awesome comment..xxx

Wow, these girls are such awesome role models. Wishing you all the best for your promising, amazing futures.