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23 Jul 2018

Tena tatau i nga tini ahuatanga o te wa,

Nga Iwi o Te Tairawhiti in conjunction with the Ministry of Education are convening a Wananga to assist us to design and develop a ‘customised’ Tairawhiti Maori Medium Education (TMME)Teacher Training pathway inclusive of;

  1. locally based training provision
  2. purpose built, iwi led recruitment, induction, mentoring and placement platform for Tairawhiti MME Trainees
  3. alignment and contribution to nga Rautaki Reo a Iwi
  4. available support from iwi

This initiative is a direct response to the 2017 Tairawhiti Rangai Kahui Ako a Iwi Education Plan, which highlighted Maori Medium Education Kaiako capability and MME training and education provider capability as critical to the viability and sustainability of Maori Medium Education across Te Tairawhiti.

Your participation in this survey will help inform a Te Tairāwhiti Māori medium strategy for promoting, inducting, mentoring and retaining placements in Māori medium education.

We would like the people from the following groups to fill and complete this survey:

  1. You are qualified to be or are a kaiako or teacher of pre-school or school aged children or secondary students; or
  2. You are currently a student studying to become a Māori medium educator; or
  3. You are passionate about Māori medium education and want to participate and share your thoughts about the needs that you see and observe within Māori medium education.

Depending on which group you represent, some of the questions may not apply to you. That’s fine. The survey will take approximately 13 mins to complete.

To incentivize people to complete the survey there is a draw for Pak n Save vouchers that survey participants will go into, however, we hope the real motivation is telling us what you think because your feedback will guide Iwi decision making and planning.

Definitions of Māori medium and Māori immersion education:

Level 1

81-100% immersion
Te reo Māori is the main language used to communicate and instruct
The curriculum is taught entirely in Māori
Students are expected to interact freely in Māori
Examples include Kohanga Reo, Kura Kaupapa Māori/Kura-ā-Iwi, Wharekura (secondary school).

Level 2

51% to 80% immersion
Te reo Māori is used mostly in the classroom, with English accepted as a temporary language.
The fluency of the teacher can vary considerably, from not very fluent to native-like fluency.
There is a reliance on the Kaiarahi Reo to increase the amount of spoken Māori
It is not expected that all students will interact freely in Māori.

Level 3

31-50% immersion. English is the main language of the classroom. The teacher can communicate at a basic level of Māori, but has difficulty in instructing in Māori. Māori is used as the classroom management language.

Level 4

Up to 30% immersion, English is the main language of the classroom. May be simple words, greeting, songs.
Mainstream Education
Little to no Māori spoken in the classroom.


Every survey participant who completes the survey before 4pm, 6 August 2018, goes into a draw to win a $100 PaknSave grocery voucher. There are ten draws.

Taria te wa

Na matau nga Tiamana, me nga Kaiwhakahaere o nga Iwi o Te Tairawhiti me nga Mangai o Te Tari Matauranga