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23 Sep 2019

TRONPnui manages the collectively-held assets, and advocates for the interests of Ngati Porou, on behalf of the iwi members.

TRONPnui is governed by a board of 14 directors appointed through an election every 4 years. An election is held for 7 “Rohenga Tipuna” with 2 elected members from each Rohenga Tipuna becoming the TRONPnui Board. At least one elected member from each Rohenga Tipuna must be Noho Kaenga; ie, a resident within the Ngati Porou rohe, mai i Potikirua ki Te Toka a Taiau.

Voting opened 23 September 2019 and closes Wednesday, 12 noon 23 October 2019.

Rohenga Tipuna 3 - Pohautea ki Te Onepoto; As one elected representative must be Noho Kaenga Lilian BALDWIN (Noho Kaenga) is declared elected unopposed.  An election will be held to fill the remaining vacancy for Rohenga Tipuna 3 – Pohautea ki Te Onepoto. The candidates for this are:
Aroha COULING (Neé Butler), Derek Tinia FOX and George KONIA

Rohenga Tipuna 5 - Rahuimanuka ki Mataahu; As the number of nominations for Rohenga Tipuna 5 – Rahuimanuka ki Mataahu did not exceed the number of vacancies available, no election is required and Te Rau KUPENGA and Selwyn PARATA (Noho Kaenga) are declared elected unopposed.

Candidate Profiles -

To find out more about the people who are standing in Tronpnui 2019 Election click the Rohenga Tipuna links to read their individual profiles.

Rohenga Tipuna 1  - Potikirua ki Whangaokena

Rohenga Tipuna 2 - Whangaokena ki Waiapu

Rohenga Tipuna 3 - Pohautea ki Te Onepoto

Rohenga Tipuna 4 - Te Onepoto ki Rahuimanuka

Rohenga Tipuna 6 - Mataahu ki Kokoronui

Rohenga Tipuna 7 - Kokoronui ki Te Toka a Taiau

Ready to vote? Click this link to the iVote site in Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou 2019 Election

Tukuna mai o whakaaro


Kia ora, Judt checking that my details are up to date as I haven't received any communications from TRONP for quite some time. I'm in Rohenga Tipuna 4
Aroha Mead, 1 Vasanta Avenue, Ngaio, Wellington 6035 email:, Heoi ano, na, Aroha

Kia ora Aroha

Thank you for your enquiry. Our registrations team will be in contact with you apopo.
Nga mihi

Kia ora

Could you respond to my email 24/09/2019 and send me my voting papers please. Rohenga Tipuna 2. 2 Ngaio st Otahuhu Auckland 1062. Ngā mihi

Just confirming if I'm eligible to vote in, Rohenga 7.
I did register a while ago.

Tena koe
Please contact our registrations team 0800 NP REGO or They will need your full name and date of birth. Please update your contact details with our team directly. They will be able to tell you what your next steps are to get you voting. Nga mihi