9 Sep 2019

This month elections for the Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou board will be held.

Ngati Porou will once again have the opportunity to decide who will represent our collective interests around the board table. 

Official confirmation of candidates from the Chief Returning Officer - Anthony Morton, Electionz

Nominations for the 2019 election closed at 5pm on Wednesday 14 August 2019 and following an extension at 5pm on Thursday 22 August 2019 for Rohenga Tipuna 7 – Kokoronui ki Te Toka a Taiau. Two elected members are required for each Rohenga Tipuna, one of which must be Noho Kaenga. The confirmed candidates (in alphabetical order) are:

Rohenga Tipuna 1 – Potikirua ki Whangaokena

  • KOHERE Rei (Noho Kaenga)
  • PAHURU-HURIWAI Ani (Noho Kaenga)
  • POUTU Pohatu (Kei Te Whenua)

Rohenga Tipuna 2 – Whangaokena ki Waiapu

  • MAHUIKA Matanuku (Noho Kaenga)
  • MOANA Dean (Kei Te Whenua)
  • PAPUNI April (Noho Kaenga)
  • TANGAERE Patrick (Noho Kaenga)

Rohenga Tipuna 3 – Pohautea ki Te Onepoto

  • BALDWIN Lilian (Noho Kaenga)

As one elected representative must be Noho Kaenga Lilian BALDWIN is declared elected unopposed.

  • COULING (Neé Butler) Aroha (Kei Te Whenua)
  • FOX Derek Tinia (Kei Te Whenua)
  • KONIA George (Kei Te Whenua)

An election will be held to fill the remaining vacancy for Rohenga Tipuna 3 – Pohautea ki Te Onepoto.

Rohenga Tipuna 4 – Te Onepoto ki Rahuimanuka

  • MACDONALD Avon (Kei Te Whenua)
  • WARMENHOVEN Marijke (Noho Kaenga)
  • WARMENHOVEN Tui Aroha (Noho Kaenga)

Rohenga Tipuna 5 – Rahuimanuka ki Mataahu

  • KUPENGA Te Rau (Kei Te Whenua)
  • PARATA Selwyn (Noho Kaenga)

As the number of nominations for Rohenga Tipuna 5 – Rahuimanuka ki Mataahu did not exceed the number of vacancies available, no election is required and Te Rau KUPENGA and Selwyn PARATA are declared elected unopposed.

Rohenga Tipuna 6 – Mataahu ki Kokoronui

  • LEWIS Trudy (Noho Kaenga)
  • RAIHANIA Na (Kei Te Whenua)
  • TIBBLE Rhonda (Kei Te Whenua)
  • TIMUTIMU Juanita Whitiaera (Noho Kaenga)

Rohenga Tipuna 7 – Kokoronui ki Te Toka a Taiau

  • BLACKMAN Kel (Noho Kaenga)
  • TANGOHAU Maui (Noho Kaenga)
  • TE MOMO Fiona (Kei Te Whenua)

As there were more nominations received than vacancies for the Elected Representative positions (except where stated above), elections will be held by postal, internet and ballot box voting to confirm the elected members. Voting papers will be posted to registered Adult Members from 19 September 2019. Voting will close at 12pm noon on Wednesday 23 October 2019.

Waahi Pooti will be available in two locations throughout the rohe for completed voting papers to be returned and for replacement papers to be issued from Monday 21 October until the close of voting 12pm noon on Wednesday 23 October 2019. Details of these will be advertised in newspapers and via Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou’s communication channels.

Each eligible Adult Member registered with their Rohenga Tipuna will receive a voting paper and a candidate sheet listing the names and profiles of the candidates standing for election in their respective Rohenga Tipuna. Each Adult Member may vote for up to two candidates. An exception to this is for Rohenga Tipuna 3 – Pohautea ki Te Onepoto for which only one vacancy remains to be filled. The Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou Trust Deed states that at least one of the successful candidates for each Rohenga Tipuna must be Noho Kaenga (resident mai i Potikirua ki Te Toka a Taiau)
As only two confirmed nominations were received for Rohenga Tipuna 5 – Rahuimanuka ki Mataahu an election will not be held for this Rohenga Tipuna.


Tukuna mai o whakaaro