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Written by: Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou
10 Aug 2015

Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou held a Special Meeting last night to discuss recent public statements in regards to drivers’ licenses being an acceptable form of identification for registration.

TRONPnui is encouraging people to be part of the process and to participate. 

The TRONPnui board would like to emphasise that the current process for registration has been in place since 2008. That process requires a copy of a Birth Certificate or Passport to accompany the registration form. It is not unusual for Iwi organisations or other membership bodies to have identification and authentication policies and processes. TRONPnui’s registration process is not dissimilar to the likes of Ngai Tahu and Tainui.

TRONPnui disagrees with some statements that it is stopping iwi members from voting, that it has "chopped and changed” its registration rules, that it has put up barriers to prevent people from registering, and that hundreds of recent registrations are ineligible to vote.

TRONPnui has recently been asked to make a change to include Drivers licences but has decided to maintain the status quo and not change the current process mid way through an election. It stands by its decision and takes its responsibilities seriously on behalf of Ngati Porou, to ensure the integrity of the process remains intact.

TRONPnui reminds people that nominations and the Ngati Porou Register roll close on the 12 August.

People are however able to register to vote and participate with a provisional vote provided they are submitted to the Chief Returning Officer before voting closes at 12 noon on 14 October (subject to verification).

Please find attached letter from Selwyn Parata, Chair of Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou, addressed to Te Taurahere o Ngati Porou Ki Poneke. To download the letter click here. 

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How do I check if I am registered? How do I register my tamariki?

Kia ora Raelene, please contact our Elections and Registration team
TRONPnui Election Administrator : 0800 NPOROU (0800 67 67 68) or email
Hiria Shaw, Ngati Porou Register Administrator: 0800 NPOROU (0800 67 67 68) or email

sorry can't afford to get all these papers printed and then the cost of posting them to you too much so i can't join the Ngati Porou register

Free call Emma Bell on 0800nporou for all registration enquiries and assistance.

I thought we registered years back using our whakapapa? Colonisers tactics..Te Runanga has taken huuuge steps in colonising Ngatiporou on behalf of the Govt in the past 30 years. Progess in a brown pakeha world = genocide of Te Ao Maori..well done baldheads

My husband and I and 4 of our 5 children are registered. I have emailed numerous times to register our youngest child since she turned 18 without success

Kiaora, i would like to register please send me some forms to:

Hana fields
92 pinehaven rd
Pinehaven 5019

Kia ora Hana, I have forwarded your details to the Ngati Porou Register administrator to send registration papers to you. Otherwise you can register on