15 Oct 2014

Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou carries on a strong tradition of Ngati Porou leadership, guiding the iwi into the future.

The mass movement of our people to the cities since the Second World War had created challenges for Ngati Porou leadership on several fronts. This did not stop our leadership from searching for new opporutnities to assert our rangatiratanga. In the 1980s a new opportunity arose as the government looked to work with established iwi entities.

A Hui Taumata was held at Ngata Memorial College in 1985 leading to a series of consultation hui through which the iwi agreed to establish Te Runanga o Ngāti Porou (TRONP). In 1987 this body was recognised under legislation, and representatives came together from four rohe based on marae, hapu and tipuna.

One of the most important works of TRONP was to progress the Ngāti Porou Treaty of Waitangi claim and settlement. This would not only address the Crown’s breaches of Te Tiriti, but would also lead to the establishment of a new Post Settlement Governance Entity (PSGE).

After substantial negotiations by the TRONP subcommittee Te Haeata the PSGE was established, known as Te Runanganui o Ngāti Porou (TRONPnui). TRONPnui has 14 elected trustees, two from each of the seven rohenga tipuna.

This entity was enshrined into law under the Ngāti Porou Claims Settlement Act 2012. TRONPnui’s mission statement is ‘Te Whakapumau i te Mana motuhake o Ngati Porou mo nga uri whakatipu’ (to uphold the autonomy of Ngāti Porou for future generations) – continuing an ancient tradition of Ngāti Porou leadership.

Below are some of the key dates along the journey of TRONP and TRONPnui.


  • Ngati Porou Hui Taumata (Economic Summit).
  • Ngati Porou working party established to prepare the way forward for the establishment of a Ngati Porou authority.
  • Series of hui held
  • Josie Keelan CEO


  • Te Runanga o Ngati Porou established under Te Runanga o Ngati Porou Act.
  • Te Runanga o Ngati Porou register established.
  • Radio Ngati Porou established with assistance from the runanga.
  • Delivery of Maori Access Scheme (MACCESS) begins.
  • Heni Tawhiwhirangi CEO


  • Begins social development programmes in response to Te Ara Kainga- (The Pathway Home) Return of Ngati Porou children to whanau care.
  • Purchases Pakihiroa Station from the Crown, for and on behalf of Ngati Porou.


  • Mana Loans portfolio transferred to runanga from Department of Maori Affairs.
  • Ned Ihaka CEO


  • Runanga - licence holder for Radio Ngati Porou.


  • Legal title to (Pakihiroa part) of Hikurangi maunga transferred back to Ngati Porou.
  • Te Whare Wananga o Ngati Porou established.


  • Completes Ngati Porou Social Services Needs Assessment.
  • Integrated Ngati Porou Social Services Programme begins.
  • Sets up runanga’s Budget Advice Counselling Service.
  • WAI272 Treaty Claim was lodged with the Waitangi Tribunal by Api Mahuika on behalf of Te Runanga o Ngati Porou.
  • Apiha Kaiawhina Programme established – Truancy Officer in Ngati Porou schools.


  • Runanga establishes Ngati Porou Social Services Committee.
  • Runanga establishes Porou Ariki as office base in Turanga.


  • Puanga station purchased.


  • Establishes Ngati Porou education grant fund.
  • Ngati Porou Hauora (NPH) established. The runanga provided political support, advocated for NPH’s first establishment grant and the return of the land, on which Te Puia Hospital is sited, to the Whanau o Iritekura and Whanau a Rakairoa.


  • Parents as First Teachers programme established.
  • Ngati Porou Housing report completed.


  • Releases ‘Ngati Porou Mana Motuhake’ discussion document on the performance and future directions of the runanga.
  • Runanga approved to deliver Low Deposit Rural Lending programme.


  • Completes 48 consultation hui nationwide on Ngati Porou Mana Motuhake and releases summary findings.
  • Runanga Strategic Plan 1998-2003 approved at Rahui-Hui a Iwi.
  • Whaia te iti Kahurangi – first iwi education partnership formed with Ministry of Education to strengthen education in Ngati Porou East Coast communities.


  • Legal title to the whole of Hikurangi maunga vested in the runanga on behalf of Ngati Porou.
  • Integrates housing, education, health and social services.
  • Conducts by postal ballot first runanga triennial election.
  • Accesses millennium funding.
  • Erects Maui Whakairo on Hikurangi maunga and relocates te Aio o Nukutaimemeha to Te Hatepe at Rangitukia.
  • Amohaere Houkamau CEO


  • Hosts Ngati Porou millennium event with dawn ceremony featuring Maui Whakairo on Hikurangi maunga.
  • Establishes Ngati Porou marae/hapu commercial fisheries working party to develop fisheries strategic plans.
  • Re-establishes Ngati Porou inter-marae sports festival as key event in Ngati Porou annual events calendar.


  • Te Kura Takai Puni (Ngati Porou Treaty claims committee) established to co-ordinate and facilitate 19 claims (inclusive of WAI272).
  • Runanga, as a principal partner, joins Tairawhiti Development Taskforce comprising Gisborne and Wairoa district councils, Kahunganui ki te Wairoa, TROTAK (Te Runanga o Turanganui a Kiwa), business and community sectors.
  • Runanga purchases Raparapaririki Homestead.


  • Runanga begins extensive consultation (August 2000 – April 2002) on Ngati Porou commercial fisheries strategy.
  • Ngati Porou Commercial Fisheries Strategy endorsed for implementation by Ngati Porou at Pakirikiri Hui a Iwi.
  • Holds inaugural Pakeke Day celebration 1 September.


  • Ngati Porou and Ministry Education Partnership- rebranded E Tipu E Rea.
  • Establishes Ngati Porou Fisheries Ltd company and appoints interim board of directors.
  • Total of $408,556 in grants paid to Ngati Porou whanau, hapu and marae.
  • Produces Local Level Solutions reports on environmental resource management, business growth and development and social wellbeing.


  • Hosts inaugural Te Rangitawaea Festival and Nati Awards.
  • Joins forces with Te Whanau a Apanui to sign negotiation agreement with the Crown to secure foreshore and seabed.


  • Ta Apirana Ngata Memorial lectures commemorating 100th Anniversary of Ta Apirana Ngata’s entry to Parliament.
  • Secures mandate from majority of Ngati Porou hapu to support direction of foreshore and seabed negotiations and runanga facilitation role.


  • Secures mandate for runanga to establish Porou Ariki Trust as Mandated Iwi Organisation for receipt of fish settlement assets.
  • Adopts Ngati Porou Potential Framework.
  • Final Ngati Porou WAI 262 hearings held in Ngati Porou.


  • Transfers beneficial interest in Ngati Porou Fisheries Ltd to Porou Ariki Trust.
  • Holds inaugural Ngati Porou Achievement Awards to commemorate 20th anniversary of runanga.
  • Convenes Ngati Porou Annual Calendar of Events comprising of the Hikurangi Dawn Ceremony, Inter-marae Sports Festival, Te Aranga a Matariki, Whakatau ki nga pakeke a Ngati Porou and Ta Apirana Ngata Memorial Lectures
  • Ngati Porou Hui Taurima have been convened for the past seven years.
  • Secures mandate from Ngati Porou to enter into direct negotiations with the Crown.


  • Signs foreshore and seabed heads of agreement with the Crown.
  • Runanga mandate to enter into direct negotiations to settle all historical Ngati Porou Treaty Claims recognised by the Crown.
  • Te Haeata Ngati Porou Treaty Settlement – Hapu Sub-committee of Te Runanga o Ngati Porou established June, 2008.


  • Dr Monty Soutar appointed TRoNP CEO


  • 22 December singing of the Deed of Settlement


  • ‘Establishment representatives’ prepare way for PSGE
  • Aug-Sep voting for new TRONPnui trustees
  • Victor Walker appointed interim TRONP CEO


  • Trustees confirmed at first AGM of TRoNPnui
  • Ngati Porou Claims Settlement Act 2012 passes parliament, enshrines TRoNPnui


  • Allan Jensen appointed TRONPnui Acting CEO
  • Ngāti Porou Holding Company appointed to manage assets on behalf of TRoNPnui
  • Teepa Wawatai appointed TRONPnui CEO
  • Toitū Ngati Porou established to guide social and cultural outcomes

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