31 Jul 2021

The Toitu Ngati Porou Tertiary Education Grants aim to support Nati success and development, and this year's grants programme in particular is providing valuable information about the growth and potential within Ngati Porou.

As an initiative of Toitu Ngati Porou and Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou, the Toitu Grants are a sustainable investment in our whanau, providing financial assistance to undergraduate and postgraduate tertiary students.

The grants process also provides a measureable way of identifying the fields of tertiary study that Nati's are most involved in.

The 2021 Toitu Grants received 180 applications, which is a 100 percent increase from 2020, the inaugural year. 

This year $174,000 has been distributed amongst 156 successful applicants.

From the 2021 applications it was evident that Natis are most active in the fields of science, medicine, nursing and health science. 

The grants programme also displayed a high calibre of applicants across the board.

To celebrate the growing potential of Nati success through these grants, this issue of Nati Link features profiles of several grant recipients.