31 Oct 2019

Chair, Selwyn Parata, who was re-elected to the TRONPnui board, congratulates the elected members and acknowledges all those who stood in the 2019 election.

" I also want to pay special tribute to my colleagues and whanaunga who will not be returning to the Board. Each has made an important contribution to our work for Ngati Porou.  The new board inherits solid foundations to launch from."

Click here to view the confirmed results

Tukuna mai o whakaaro


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Thank you for keeping me in the loop. Ka pai.

Thank you to the Board for this forum of results


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Kia Ora Rohenga Tipuna 6: How can Trudy Lewis be noted as a board representative when Rhoda Tibble had 230 votes and Trudy 161???

Tena koe
Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou Trust Deed requires that at least one of the Elected Representatives for each Rohenga Tipuna must be Noho Kaenga, Trudy Lewis is Noho Kaenga as she resides within the Ngati Porou Rohe, mai i Potikirua ki Te Toka a Taiau
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Confirmed results

wish to see results

Thanks for the updates


Thank you very much for publishing the final results and names of the representatives online for us. God Bless You All.

great new format on election feedback

Congratulations Selwyn and elected members. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf - it's much appreciated.

Interested in the results of the election

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You can view the results by clicking the link in the article.
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interested in election results

Thank you and may the elected members for the next year prosper in all they do and may peace be to them and their loved ones.

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Kia Ora,Thank you for keeping me in the loop.

Interested in election results

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thank you for keeping me in the loop ka pai

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Kia Kaha Selwyn!!!

Kia ora,
congratulations to the elected representatives. I note, however, that the elected representatives for Rohenga Tipuna 3 and 6 are not Noho Kaenga - despite the requirement stipulated at the top of the election results sheet that states there must be at least one Noho Kaenga representative in each Rohenga Tipuna. Can an explanation be given to me as to the status and legality of those newly elected Board members in Rohenga Tipuna 3 and 6 - where there were no Noho Kaenga representatives elected?
Naaku noa,
Anahera Bowen

Tena koe
Noho kaenga - "At least one elected member from each Rohenga Tipuna must be Noho Kaenga; ie, a resident within the Ngati Porou rohe, mai i Potikirua ki Te Toka a Taiau."

Lillian Baldwin was elected for Rohenga Tipuna 3 and Trudy Lewis for Rohenga Tipuna 6. Both representatives are Noho Kaenga as they reside within the Ngati Porou rohe, mai i Potikirua ki Te Toka a Taiau.

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