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25 Sep 2015

Eleven days after the voting stage of the TRONPnui election began over 1000 Natis have so far taken up the opportunity to have their say about who will represent their interests around the board table. 

The voting period started on Monday the 14th of September, and during this first week 18,395 voter packs were posted or emailed out to eligible adult members enrolled on the Ngati Porou Register. Today the Chief Returning Officer, Anthony Morton released statistics showing the numbers of Ngati Porou who have cast their votes to date.

“Our tally of election returns indicate that 1002 members or almost 5.5%  of the total number of registered members have voted, says Mr Morton. “Of that number 307 chose to cast their votes by mail, and 695 using the online voting option.”

“We anticipate a steady increase in the numbers of postal votes returned over the next week, as most members should have received their voter packs by now.  If they haven’t, they should contact the election helpline immediately to let us know.”

Two forms of voting papers were delivered in this year’s election – a standard voting paper and a collective voting paper. Collective voting forms provide registered members who don’t have a selected Rohenga Tipuna the opportunity to have their say. The collective voting forms include voting options for all seven of the Rohenga Tipuna but members must only select one, not all Rohenga Tipuna, otherwise their vote will be classed as invalid.

With less than three weeks to go until voting closes at 12noon, Wednesday the 14th of October TRONPnui encourages Ngati Porou whanau members living both at home and away to exercise their tribal democratic right to vote, and  to also remember the strong statement of mana motuhake expressed by Ta Apirana Ngata, “Te Wiwi Nati, He Iwi Moke, He Whanoke.”

A Vote for Nati, is a Vote for Ngati Porou – a unique and extraordinary tribe.” #VOTENATI

TRONPnui Election Voting Info- What You Need To Know 

Vote Online and Save Time!
Go to and enter your voter identification details.

Haven’t received your voter pack yet, need to cast a provisional vote or request your voter details over the phone?
Contact Electionz Helpline: ( Tel: 0508 666 557 or email:

Haven’t registered yet, need to update your contact or Rohenga Tipuna details or request assistance with registering?
Contact Ngati Porou Register Helpline (Tel: 0800 NPOROU (0800 67 67 68) or email:

It’s not too late to participate!
Applications to be added to the Ngati Porou register can continue to be made throughout the voting period but TRONPnui would encourage those intending to make an application to do so promptly if they wish to participate in the TRONPnui election. Any adults applying to be registered up to the close of voting and who have specified a Rohenga Tipuna will, subject to validation of their registration and if time permits, be mailed a voter pack or emailed their voting credentials.

Want to become more informed about the candidates from your Rohenga Tipuna?
Go online to and click on each candidate profile to listen to korero about why you should vote for them. Also download the recent Election Candidate Special published by the Gisborne Herald where candidates share their vision for the Iwi .

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