Ngati Porou Holding Company, is a subsidiary of Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou, and is the organisation’s commercial arm / wealth creation division. The purpose of Ngati Porou Holding Company is to generate sustainable profits for the benefit of Ngati Porou now and in the future.

It holds and has responsibility for all of the commercial assets of the Group including the fishing and farming companies, property, direct investments and other investments in cash, bonds and equities. 

Holdco is also an asset holding company for the purposes of the MAori Fisheries Act 2004. Statutory compliance, structure, and reporting requirements apply to Holdco and it's subsidiaries as a consequence. 


The Runanganui established Ngati Porou Holdco in June 2012, appointing five establishment directors, who were all external appointees. The Trust Deed does allow for up to 40% of the Holdco membership to consist of TRONPnui board memers, however it was decided to appoint those who had commercial expertise.  Holdco can have a maximum board size of seven directors and a minimum of five. All directors are Ngati Porou.

Ngati Porou Holding Company present board members include:

  • Matanuku Mahuika ( Chairperson)
  • Tiwana Tibble
  • Whaimutu Dewes
  • Kristen Kohere-Soutar 
  • Diana Puketapu


Holdco Subsidiaries 

Holdco is the sole shareholder of Pakihiroa FArms limited and the companies in the Ngati Porou Seafoods Group. These subsidiaries report to Holdco, and Holdco appoints and removes the directors, and monitors and oversees the companies. 

Ngati Porou Holdco Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives (SIPO)

The Companies long term objectives are reflected in its Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives (SIPO), which are to maintain in perpetuity the real value of the financial assests and acheive growth and increase real spending power over time. The SIPO is in its fourth year of implementation and is due to be reviewed in year five. 

Click here to view the SIPO

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