Want to work for your Iwi? Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou is a dynamic organisation that supports the aspirations of Ngati Porou whanau and hapu. As an organisation, we are unique - our work reflects the needs of our people and the industries that thrive on the lands and waters in our rohe.

Over 270 people work within the Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou Group, which includes:

  • Group Services: based at the Te Toka a Taiau office in Kaiti, Gisborne, the Group Services team provides a broad range of functions across Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou's five entities and associated external entities. Functions provided by Group Services include Finance, Information Technology, Legal, Administration, Human Resources, Environment and Communications. 
  • Whanau Oranga: with offices in Gisborne and Ruatoria, the Whanau Oranga team provide a wide range of social services to whanau members across the age spectrum. The aspiration of Whanau Oranga is to lift the quality of life and socio-cultural status of our people. To read more about what they do go to the whanau services pages. 
  • Matauranga:  based in Ruatoria the Matauranga team provide a range of programmes to support Ngati Porou whanau and hapu. Some of these initiatives include the Ngati Porou Intermarae Festival (Pa Wars), Te Rangitawaea Festival (Nati Awards), E Tipu E Rea educational partnership with the Ministry of Education and PAFT (Parents as First Teachers). To read more about what they do go to the education services pages. 
  • Ngati Porou Hauora: with seven locations spread along the East Coast and Gisborne, Ngati Porou Hauora provides health services to our people including: dental, maternity, physiotherapy, Auahi Kore, Maori mobile nursing team, community mental health, community support services, outpatients, Waka Hauora (mobile surgical services) and problem gambling. To find out more about what they do go to the health services pages.
  • Ngati Porou Fisheries: based at the wharf in Kaiti, Gisborne, Ngati Porou Fisheries provides many opportunities to develop a career in the fisheries industry. Employment opportunities include operations staff, retail staff, management, marketing and researchers. To find out more about what they do go to the seafoods group pages
  • Pakihiroa Farms: the tribe's collectively owned and opearted agri-cultural  business, Pakihiroa Farms compises three farming operations - Pakihiroa and Makarika in Ruatoria, and Puanga on the outskirts of Gisborne. provides Farm management and workers, agri-business specialists. Employment opportunities include farm management and labourers, and agri-business specialists. 

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