Te Runanganui O Ngati Porou in consultation with the Department of Conservation, wish to advise that public access to Mt Hikurangi will be CLOSED from: 

12 noon on 31 December to 12 noon on 1 January each year for the Hikurangi Maunga Dawn Event.

1 October to 31 October each year due to farming operations (lambing season).

Hikurangi is an experience the Iwi (tribe) would like to share with manuhiri (visitors) from around New Zealand and more distant places around the globe. For Guided four-wheel-drive tours and tramping information our Tourism Ngati Porou office can help.

Hikurangi Te Toka Tapu

Hikurangi, the sacred maunga (mountain) of Ngati Porou, holds a special place within the hearts, minds and souls of our people.  A cultural icon venerated through story, song and speech, Hikurangi also symbolically represents “home” for the 70,000 plus Ngati Porou tribal members who live on the East Coast and in other parts of the world.

Standing at 1754 metres, Hikurangi is the highest non-volcanic mountain in the North Island. It is 130km north of Gisborne and recognised as the first point on the New Zealand mainland to greet the morning sun.

For many Ngati Porou, a visit back to their tribal homeland would not be complete without a photo opportunity in front of their revered maunga. For others their ambition is to journey to the summit of the mountain. However, their objective is not to “conquer” Hikurangi. The pilgrimage represents a return to the whenua (land) of their ancestors, a return to their cultural roots.

Hikurangi is an experience the Iwi (tribe) would like to share with manuhiri (visitors) from around New Zealand and more distant places around the globe. For Guided Te Ara ki Hikurangi four-wheel-drive tours and tramping information our Tourism Ngati Porou office can help.

Important Information for Visitors 


Visitors are requested to make contact with Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou before embarking on the Te Ara ki Hikurangi track. 

Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou

1 Barrys Avenue

Ruatoria 4032

Ph: +64 6 864 9004 or email:


  • The start of the Te Ara ki Hikurangi  track is located on Pahikiroa Station, which is at the end of the gravel Tapuaeroa Valley Road, 20 kilometres inland from Ruatoria.
  • The turnoff is on a bend (north of Ruatoria) and is signposted as 'Pakihiroa Station'.
  • There is public access from the Tapuaeroa Valley to the mountain, via Pakihiroa Station which is owned and operated by Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou. 
  • There is a formal carpark just below the Pakihiroa station manager's house. There is no public vehicle access past this point.

Information for Trampers 

Estimated tramping times

  • Car park to hut: 4 - 5 hr, Hut to summit: 2 - 3 hr
  • There is pedestrian access only across Pakihiroa to Hikurangi summit. Please follow the marked farm track and use the stiles provided. Yellow markers show the route from the carpark to the hut. Markers show the route from the hut up the mountain. The last 400 m to the summit is steep scree slope (the best way up the scree slope is to keep left all the way up), there are no markers or defined track.

Important Safety Information for Trampers –Please read

  • Mt Hikurangi is an alpine environment (summit 1752 m). The weather is unpredictable and can change rapidly. You can expect rain, fog, cloud, strong winds, snow and extreme cold at any time of the year. Be prepared to turn back if weather conditions deteriorate.
  • This track is designed for walking during daylight hours only and is not safe to attempt in poor visibility.
  • The route is marked with poles to within 400 m of the summit. The last 400m is unmarked. This section contains a scree slope, is steep with unstable footing. Extreme care is required.
  • Take warm and waterproof clothing, some form of communication, carry water and food. Ensure somebody knows your plans.
  • No dogs, no guns and no mountain bikes are to be taken onto Pakihiroa.
  • Use map NZTopo50 BE44 Te Puia Springs. These can be purchased from local map stockists.
  • Te Ara ki Hikurangi may be closed for short periods during the year for farming or cultural reasons. All closures will be publicly notified. Further information can be obtained from Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou.
  • There is a hut available for public use on the track, administered by Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou. Bookings should be made through Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou.
  • Camping is not permitted.

Staying at the Hut

Te Runanganui  o Ngati Porou is the custodian of the hut which is located 10.5km up the mountain from the bridge and Pakihiroa Station entrance.To stay overnight at the Hut please contact the Tourism Ngati Porou office.

Hut Fees:

$15 per Adult / $10 per child (Bookings essential)

Hut Facilities include:

  • Pot belly stove
  • Long drop toilet,
  • Communal bunks
  • Cutlery, Pots & Pans (Please take a tea towel)
  • Limited supply of water

Please respect the following:

  • NO fires, camping, drugs, alcohol, mountain bikes or unauthorized vehicles permitted on mountain.
  • To avoid damage and/or removal of any flora or fauna please remain on the marked tracks.
  • We thank you for your assistance in the care and protection of our mountain for the enjoyment of future generations.

Te Takapau a Maui

To celebrate the dawning of the new millennium “Te Takapau a Maui”, a series of nine whakairo (carved art works), were commissioned for the maunga. Maui, a legendary Ngati Porou ancestor, accomplished many heroic deeds- including fishing up Te Ika a Maui ( the North Island). The people of Ngati Porou believe Hikurangi provides the final resting place of Maui’s waka (canoe) Nukutaimemeha. The whakairo stand as a tribute to the cultural heritage of Ngati Porou, and a legacy for future generations.



  • Includes four-Wheel Drive transport to and from Maui Whakairo, local guide and a light lunch. (Please allow 4 hours for return trips)


  • Includes four- Wheel Drive transport to and from Maui Whakairo Tour, guided walk from Whakairo to summit and lunch. (Please allow 8-10 hours return trip. )Prices are dependent on group numbers, and bookings are essential.


Contact & Booking details:

Leeanne Morice

Te Runanganui  o Ngati Porou

1 Barry Avenue, RUATORIA

Ph: 06 8649 004 / Cell: 021 871 829


Intellectual Property Rights

Te Runanganui  o Ngati Porou asks that all people respect the Cultural Intellectual Property rights of Ngati Porou which prohibits unauthorised use and/or reproduction of photographs, videos, or images of Mt Hikurangi and the Maui Whakairo (carved sculptures) for commercial purposes without first obtaining written consent of the Chief Executive Officer of Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou.



I am disappointed to hear that there was a roopu from Gisborne who had put up tables and barbeque at Te Takapau a Maui. How downright disrespectful that these people thought it was OK to do this on a sacred site. I would like to think that the particular guide who took this roopu up Hikurangi will no longer be welcome to do so again. I understand that this man from Gisborne has an agreement with TRONP to take roopu up the mountain and to stay overnight at the hut. That is all good and fine, but does not give him the right to be disrespectful while he is up there. And rubbish having to be picked up by EIT students. DISGRACEFUL.