We are all connected. Our whakapapa connects us to the land and the sea; to the past and the present; to whanau living near and far away. A tatau hononga – our links, help us to find ways to relate to one another. Without them, the intricate strands which weave us together would begin to unravel.

The Nati Network provides a place for Ngati Porou to connect with other Natis:

  • Find out how to connect with long-lost relatives and other whanaunga
  • Find out how to connect with professional Ngati Porou
  • Find out how to connect with Ngati Porou living in your region
  • Find out how to connect with Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou

Tukuna mai o whakaaro


Hi, I am endeavouring to find out the name/location of my mother's family's marae - she has died and I've been unable to find, from her papers, the name of it to visit and to pass on to the next generation. Growing up I heard her speak of it but don't recall a name for it. As far as I (and siblings) know it was in Tolaga Bayarea, had it's own church/chapel attached, and until recent years had a matriarch by the name of Nati or Ngati overseeing it. If anyone can point me further along the search I would be most grateful - can supply family names as needed to anyone able to help.
Kind regards,
Erana Wojtas
Erana Wojtas