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Nga Kaitiaki Colin Charles Kerslake, Elizabeth (Bessie) Macey, Tui Marino, Anne Iranui McGuire, Maui Tangohau, George Tuapawa, Rawiri Karaitiana Tuhiwai Ruru
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I am trying to trace my Grandfathers roots he grew up in Tolaga Bay and attended Boys High in Gisborne. His name is Norpera Williams (Nobby)we were very close until he passed in 1998. I understand his Father was the Reverend Ra Rangiaho, who was the priest in the 50’s 60’s do you have any details on him or his whanau.
Do you know when he died or where he was buried any family still there. I have only found old photos on the Gisborne Photo News. I remember coming in the 80’s to a Tangi there at Hauiti Marae i think for Mrs Rangiaho but information I have about Norperas Mother is a different lady so was this Ra’s second wife, I have been told they had a son Tim, then Norpera and another plus a handcapped Whangai girl who drowned along with someone trying to save her. I know Norperas mother ended up Marrying a TauTau and her father was a Puhipuhi (Benjamin) but then Grandads Tangi 17 years ago was held at Orangamei Marae in Upper hutt so unsure of whether that was the TauTau side why he wasn't brought back to Tolaga. I would appreciate any help in finding my Grandfathers Whanau. Regards Ro

sorry don't publish I thought it was to email you please email me on sergentsmess@hotmail.com