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Implementation Funding

The hapu cluster management arrangements, and the hapu that each represents, will formally exercise the rights and instruments provided for in the amended Deed. These are to be listed in the Deed. This is a change from the original Deed, which provided a period for these to be established.

Nga hapu o Ngati Porou have established six trusts, referred to as management arrangements, to exercise the rights and responsibilities of nga hapu under the amended Deed, the instruments, and the legislation.

The Crown requires that the management arrangements:

  • are appropriate to exercise those rights and responsibilities;
  • have structures that provide for:
    • representation of, and accountability to, members of nga hapu o Ngati Porou (including recognised customary marine title hapu); and
    • transparent decision-making and dispute resolution processes;
    • have been ratified by nga hapu o Ngati Porou in the present ratification process;
    • provide for each of nga hapu o Ngati Porou to be the effective decision makers in relation to their respective interests in nga rohe moana under the amended Deed, instruments, and legislation.

The management arrangements are as follows:

For the area from Potikirua to Whangaokeno, the trustees of the Potikirua ki Whangaokena Takutai Kaitiaki Trust representing Te Whanau a Tapaeururangi, Te Whanau a Tuwhakairiora, Te Whanau a Te Aotaki, Te Whanau a Kahu, Ngai Tamakoro, Ngai Tuere, Te Whanau a Te Aopare, Te Whanau a Hinerupe, Te Whanau a Te Aotaihi, Te Whanau a Hunaara, Te Whanau a Tarahauiti.

For the area from Whangaokeno to Onepoto, the trustees of a trust representing nga hapu o Te Riu o Waiapu, namely Te Whanau a Takimoana, Te Whanau a Tapuhi, Te Whanau a Tinatoka, Te Whanau a Rerewa, Ngati Hokopu, Te Whanau a Rakaimataura, Ngati Putaanga, Ngati Nua, Te Whanau a Ngai Tane, Te Whanau a Hinepare, Te Whanau a Karuai, Te Whanau a Hinerupe ki Waiapu, Te Whanau a Uruahi, Te Whanau a Pokai, Te Whanau a Rakaihoea, Ngati Horowai, Te Whanau a Mahaki, Te Whanau a Uruhonea, Te Whanau a Hineauta.

For the area from Onepoto to Rahuimanuka, the trustees of the Te Papatipu o Uepohatu me te Papatipu o te Ngaere Takutai Kaitiaki Trust representing Ngai Tangihaere, Ngati Rangi, Ngati Uepohatu, Te Whanau a Umuariki, Te Whanau a Ruataupare ki Tuparoa, Te Whanau a Hinetapora, Te Whanau a Hinekehu.

  • NB: The Trust Deed of Te Papatipu o Uepohatu me te Papatipu o te Ngaere Takutai Kaitiaki Trust will be uploaded once available. 

For the area from Rahuimanuka to Mataahu, the trustees of the Whanau Hapu of Te Aitanga a Mate Te Aowera and Te Whanau a Hinekehu Takutai Kaitiaki Trust representing Te Aitanga a Mate, Te Aowera, Te Whanau a Hinekehu.

For the area from Mataahu to Kokoronui, the trustees of the Whanau Hapu of Mataahu ki Kokoronui Takutai Kaitiaki Trust representing Ngai Taharora, Te Whanau a Iritekura, Te Whanau a Rakairoa, Te Whanau a Te Haemata, Te Whanau a Te Aotawarirangi*, Te Whanau a Ruataupare.

* Members of Te Whanau a Te Aotawarirangi are still considering their position with respect to the Amended Deed and the ratification process. TRONPnui is offering the ratification process to all Ngati Porou hapu so that each hapu's final position can be confirmed.

For the area from Kokoronui to Te Toka a Taiau, the trustees of the Whanau Hapu of Kokoronui ki te Tokaa Taiau Takutai Kaitiaki Trust representing Ngati Hau, Ngati Ira, Ngati Wakarara, Ngai Tutekohi, Ngati Kahukuranui, Te Aitanga a Hauiti, Te Whanau a Te Rangipureora, Ngati Patuwhare, Ngati Konohi, Ngati Oneone, Ngati Kuranui.

The rights and responsibilities of nga hapu o Ngati Porou under the amended Deed will be exercised by the relevant management arrangement. Where an agency is required to deal with nga hapu o Ngati Porou, the agency must deal with the relevant management arrangement.

    Any hapu that is not a party to the amended Deed is not bound by it. Such a hapu may become a party by notifying, to the relevant Minister, which of the above trusts will represent that hapu. The hapu may then be added to the relevant management arrangement by Order in Council. Other changes to the management arrangements may also be made by Order in Council, provided the Crown is satisfied that the requirements of the amended Deed will continue to be met.
Copies of the trust deeds for each of the management arr angements are available by emailing takutaimoana@tronp.org.nz.

Implementation Funding

To assist nga hapu o Ngati Porou to exercise their rights and perform their obligations under the amended Deed and the legislation, the Crown has agreed to pay, to the account of the management arrangements or their nominated entity or entities, on behalf of nga hapu o Ngati Porou, the sum of $15,530,000. The Crown has agreed to a capitalisation of the implementation funding (ie, will pay a lump sum), rather than incremental payment as was provided for in the original Deed.