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Deed to Amend

Members of nga hapu o Ngati Porou have the opportunity to decide, by way of a formal ratification process in Jan/Feb 2017, whether to support or not support the Deed to Amend and the Management Arrangements. 

Hapu Cluster Management Arrangement Trust Deeds. 

Nga hapu o Ngati Porou have established six trusts, referred to as management arrangements, to exercise the rights and responsibilities of nga hapu under the amended Deed, the instruments, and the legislation.

NB: The Trust Deed of the trust representing nga hapu o Te Riu o Waiapu and the Trust Deed of Te Papatipu o Uepohatu me te Papatipu o te Ngaere Takutai Kaitiaki Trust will be uploaded once available. 

Ratification Booklet

Mana Moana is a guide that has been prepared to help hapu members navigate the key principles and instruments of the amended Deed. The kaupapa covered within this publication include:

  • the background to the Deed of Agreement between nga hapu o Ngati Porou and the Crown;
  • how the amended Deed of Agreement is expected to provide better legal protections for nga hapu o Ngati Porou over their rohe moana;
  • how the ratification process will be administered and what will happen after ratification.

Click here to view and download the guide. 


Nga Korero Mana Moana 

In 2003 a series of video interviews were filmed with several pakeke representing nga hapu o Ngati Porou. Each pakeke shared korero about how their hapu exclusively used and occupied te takutai moana and tai whenua from 1840 to the present day. These interviews are among the collection of foreshore and seabed customary evidence gathered over the past 13 years.

Nga Hapu mai i Potikirua ki Whangaokena


Part 1 of 2 Nga Hapu mai i Whangaokena ki Onepoto 


Part 2 of 2 Nga Hapu mai i Whangaokena ki Onepoto 

Nga Hapu mai i Onepoto to Rahuimanuka


Nga Hapu mai i Rahuimanuka to Mataahu

Nga Hapu mai i Mataahu to Kokoronui

Nga Hapu mai i Kokoronui to Te Toka a Taiau


Kupu Mana Moana

A Selected glossary from Ngati Porou Foreshore & Seabed Evidence Report by Dr Apirana Mahuika, 2003. Click here to view.