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8 May 2015

A two-day ICT workshop series called "Digital Nati" will be held from 25 to 26 May 2015 and organisers are keen to promote and inform communities and whanau about potential pathways to develop a digital economy within Ngati Porou. Ngati Porou Education Project co-ordinator Pia Pohatu says, “hapu have identified the potential ICT has as an enabler for education and economic development and can create employment in a way that retains Ngati Porou uri within the Tairawhiti region”  

The workshop series is being organised as part of the Ngati Porou Education Project (NPEP), the current education initiative sponsored by Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou and the Ministry of Education.

Since early 2014, ten hapu communities within Ngati Porou have been driving the development of (their) education and matauranga strategies, the production of matauranga resource samples and the design and establishment of hapu matauranga databases. 

ICT is another key work stream of the project.  This workshop series alongside hapu IT case studies and a review of Te Rangitawaea (Nati Awards) provides a significant opportunity to inform the Ngati Porou and Tairawhiti digital strategies and also establish accelerated pathways to facilitate Ngati Porou into the industry.

Earlier this year at the Maori ICT hui held in Gisborne,  Ngati Porou ICT practitioner, Jade Doel shared his experience as an Interactive Designer within the ICT industry,  “It’s interesting and diverse. So many different skills are required in this industry.... I believe Maori have a unique opportunity to be a key player in this growing industry”.  

The workshops will be co-hosted with the Matakaoa and Ngati Oneone communities.The presenters are leaders within their industry and cover a wide spectrum of ICT experience and expertise. They have worked on a varied range of ICT projects locally and internationally and are excited to come to our region to share their passion for ICT. 

The first day is specifically targeted to rangatahi and whanau interested in ICT education and will be held in Te Araroa at Hinerupe marae. The presenters are from LifeHack, Enspiral and Dev Academy including freelance ICT professionals.

Tuesday's workshop will be held in Gisborne at Te Poho o Rawiri Marae. The morning session will be a repeat of the Monday workshops specifically for rangatahi and whanau while the afternoon workshops will focus on decision makers, practitioners and community activators.  The main focus will be investigating what the ICT potenital is. A variety of topics including infrastructure and economic development will be covered. 

Capturing the ICT aspirations and ambitions for Ngati Porou whanui will be a key outcome of the two days as well as to develop an action plan to activate the ideas captured in the workshops.

For more information about the 2 day "Digital Nati" programme, click here.
Read more about the "Digital Nati" Presenters here
Interested in attending these workshops? Register here

Or contact the co-ordinator, Char Clark ph.021 807 959 or email


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Kiaora whanau, I absolutely love the idea and direction of these hui, sending my support would love to be apart of it in a tangible way, I have been working in the youth sector/Aod Practitioner/Health promotion for many years sadly not with my own people as im based in Tamaki Makaurau, any initiative that advances the dreams of my ngati porou rangatahi has my support, im proud to be a role model for my Naati Whanau x

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AOD Practitioner
Maori Visual Artist
International DJ Entertainer

The internet provides access to the world, which presents money making opportunties for individuals, whanau and small businesses.
You can advertise your bone carving & kete making lessons to French & Scandinavian backpackers or buy and sell products between countries. The ability to make a living without having to leave the beautiful coast and whanau is a very real possibility.
While home in Uawa over January, I was doing mahi on mums whare, catching some waves at blue waters, taking the mokos to the beach, using up mums rubbish stickers taking trailer loads of branches and old roof tiles to the dump (good meeting place actually) and organising another product shipment with my supplier in Japan to be sent to a sales fulfillment warehouse in the USA.

So, I was buying product from Japan, shipping it by Fedex to the USA and selling it to Americans, all from $200 laptop in Tolaga Bay :)

Thank you for bringing the workshops to Te Araroa. I so enjoyed the two workshops I attended. The presenters were talented and the format was so comprehensible. Realising our IT potential is definitely for our rangatahi and our region. Thank you to my Hinerupe whanau for their warm hospitality.

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