Te Ao Hou was the magazine of the Department of Māori Affairs, published between 1952 and 1976. It has a mix of both stories on Māori life at the time as well as interesting articles on whakapapa and kōrero pūrākau.

One of the special features of Te Ao Hou is it published short stories by Ngāti Porou writers including Katerina Mataira and Arapera Blank (Kaa). There are also several of Mohi Turei’s stories translated in to English, including his story of Tuwhakairiora.

Te Ao is published online as a project of The National Library.

You can browse by issue, by author or by subject.

Te Ao Hou contains many Ngāti Porou taonga, so get busy reading!

He Taonga | A highlight

In 1965 Ngata Memorial College students Henrietta Kaiwai and Caroline Te Rauna won an essay competition. They wrote about the wharenui Porourangi and ‘How Ruatoria got its name’. You can read their essays here.


Tukuna mai o whakaaro