Whanau Oranga is Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou’s social services group. Whanau Oranga is focused on lifting the quality of life and socio-cultural status of our whanau members, with the ultimate goal of good health, housing and jobs.

Whanau Oranga staff are out and about in our communities, and have bases in Ruatoria and Kaiti. We can put you in touch with a wide range of social services to help yourself, your whanau or someone you care about. To find out more about any of the services below, whakapa mai

Social Workers in Schools (SWIS)

This services provides school-based social workers to support tamariki with social circumstances that may disadvantage their health, education and welfare. The aim is that children are engaged and take part in education, are healthy, appropriately cared for and living in a safe environment.

Tairawhiti School Attendance Service (TSAS)

This service supports schools who have long-term or repeated truants. It’s about supporting whanau to ensure that tamariki are attending school everyday and engaged in education. 

Community Injury Prevention

This education programme helps individuals to get a licence, and is about promoting a safe, injury free environment within the Ngati Porou rohe, by preventing unintentional and intentional injuries.

Rangatahi Tu Rangatira – Getting young people engaged in activities

This initiative facilitates agency involvement in whanau to ensure whanau with children have access to all the services they need. Strengthening families, improving health, education and social outcomes for children, young people and their whanau through coordinated support for whanau dealing with two or more agencies. 

Nutrition and marae catering

Improve the health and well-being of your whanau and marae through better nutrition and healthy food choices. Community nutrition access and advice on everything from food preparation to physical activity.

Tuhono Whanau – Family Start

This programme is about improving the life outcomes for children and whanau who’s social and whanau circumstances put their health, education and welfare at risk. Staff help children and whanau to get help through a range of services.

Restorative Justice

Facilitating restorative justice conferences between victim and perpetrator of crime prior to sentencing and report on the process with any recommendations. Assess appropriateness and facilitate restorative justice conferences between victim and perpetrator of crime prior to sentencing and report on the process with any recommendations to the court

Whanau Wellbeing

Supporting whanau to develop confidence and skills to work through all kinds of issues that affect well being. Home management programmes and crisis support for whanau/ individuals.


If you or a whanau member you know of needs confidential support and advice to deal with personal issues, we can help.  We also offer professional crisis and post-crisis counselling support.

Youth services

We work with 16-17 year olds and 18-year old teen parents to help with sustained education, training opportunities and jobs. Our youth services also include early intervention initiatives and support for young people and their siblings who are transitioning as youth justice clients or police alternative action.         

Fresh start

We run community youth programmes, court supervised camps, youth mentoring, and a parenting education programme. 

Whakaoho Whakapakari Whanau

Working with rangatahi who have offended to provide supervision, social support and mentors from a whanau, hapu, marae perspective.

Breakaway holiday programme

Stimulating, fun, structured holiday activities for 300 young people who wouldn’t usually access holiday programmes.

Housing coordination and facilitating

Facilitating opportunities for marae and providing housing support to whanau and trusts. Papakainga workshops for trusts and pakeke housing development.

Employment focused forestry training

Based in Ruatoria, this course provides entry level employment and training opportunities for a new career in the forestry industry.