Whanau Oranga is Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou’s social services group. Whanau Oranga is focused on lifting the quality of life and socio-cultural status of our whanau members, with the ultimate goal of good health, housing and jobs.

Whanau Oranga staff are out and about in our communities, and have bases in Ruatoria and Kaiti. We can put you in touch with a wide range of social services to help yourself, your whanau or someone you care about. To find out more about any of the services below contact one of our offices:-

  • Ruatoria - 0800 833 502
  • Te Tini o Porou, Gisborne - 0800 676768

Tuhono Whanau – Family Start

Tuhono Whanau (Family Start) is a home visiting programme that focuses on improving children’s growth, education, relationships, family circumstances, environment and safety. We support whanau to give their pepi and tamariki the best possible start in life from conception until they turn 5 years old. 

Referrals can either come directly from whanau (self-referrals) or from other organisations/agencies/professionals.

Location: Coast, Gisborne

Family Wellbeing

Family Wellbeing supports whanau to work through issues/crisis.  We work with whānau in a variety of settings and approaches that empower the whanau to be able to deal with what challenges life throws them.

Referrals can either come directly from whānau (self-referrals) or from other organisations/agencies/professionals.

Location: Gisborne

Housing Support Services

Our Housing Support Service works with our community and whanau in times when accessing housing is an issue.  We offer emergency and social housing when available. You need to be registered with WINZ to access this service.

Referrals can either come directly from whānau (self-referrals) or from other organisations/agencies/professionals.

Location: Coast, Gisborne

Tairawhiti School Attendance Service (TSAS)

TSAS supports tamariki & rangatahi to keep them in education.  We work with our tamariki and rangatahi to re-enrol in school and to manage and improve their attendance. 

TSAS only works with young people who have been referred by a school.


School-based Social Workers (SWiS)

Our SWiS kaimahi are based in a number of schools on the Coast and in Gisborne.  We work with tamariki, whanau and their school to help protect vulnerable children and develop plans to improve children’s safety, wellbeing and educational goals.

Referrals come from schools, whānau or other professionals working within the school. 

Location: Coast, Gisborne

Young Parent Payment (YPP)

Our YPP kaimahi work with parents aged 16 – 20 years old who have pepi/tamariki to care for and are in need of financial assistance.

Our YPP service works with young parents referred through Work and Income (WINZ) and you can self-refer to this service.

Location: Gisborne

Youth Payment (YP)

Our YP kaimahi work with rangatahi aged 16 – 17 years old, who do not have any dependent pepi/tamariki, and are in need of financial assistance and are not living with their parents.

Our YP service works with rangatahi referred through Work and Income (WINZ) and you can self-refer to this service.

Location: Gisborne

Not in Education, Employment, Training or Work Programme (NEET)

Our NEET kaimahi work with rangatahi to help them get into an education, training or work-based learning pathway.  The goal is that the rangatahi will obtain the skills to find employment and work towards an independent future.

NEET receive referrals from Ministry of Social Development (MSD), schools and other professionals.

Location: Coast, Gisborne

Fresh Start

The focus of our Fresh Start service is to work with our rangatahi and their whanau to achieve aspirational and long-lasting change through the delivery of positive development towards an offending free lifestyle. We run youth programmes, court supervised camps and youth mentoring. 

Referrals for our Fresh Start service come through Oranga Tamariki.

Location: Gisborne

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice is a community-based response to crime that aims to hold offenders to account for their offending and, as far as possible repair the harm that has been done to the victim and the community.

The focus of Restorative Justice is providing informal facilitated conferences/meetings in which victims, offenders and the community come together to develop solutions to crimes committed. 

Referrals for Restorative Justice come via the District Court.

Location: Gisborne

Te Ihu Waka

Te Ihu Waka is designed for Maori offenders and those who identify as Maori, however many non-Maori benefit from attending.  The programme is marae based and aims to inspire change by helping to discover and recover tikanga – traditional Maori principles, values and disciplines that you can apply in your daily life.

Referrals for our service come from a Correctional Facility and is available for those who (upon release) return/move to Gisborne.


Te Pae Oranga Panels

Te Pae Oranga Panels work alongside adults 17 years or older who have come before the Police.  Te Pae Oranga Panels comprise of local community peers and pakeke/kaumatua who meet with the adult to formulate a plan that is focused on supporting change in behaviour and to reduce possible re-offending.

Referrals for Te Pae Oranga Panels come from Police.

Location: Gisborne

Iwi Family Group Conferencing

Our kaimahi work with rangatahi, their whanau, the community and other professionals to formulate a plan that addresses the circumstances that brought the rangatahi to the attention of the Youth Justice system.  The goal is to begin the journey towards robust and sustainable change for the rangatahi.

Referrals for this service come from the Youth Court.

Location: Gisborne

Out of Gate Reintegration Service

To deliver a navigational and mentoring reintegration service to support participants on short sentences and those on remand.

Referrals for this service come directly through Corrections.

Location: Gisborne

Community Injury Prevention Program

The CIPP officer supports road safety for our whanau and tamariki.  The service offers a car seat rental or purchase scheme for our mokopuna.

Referrals for this service can come directly from whanau (self-referrals) or from the schools.

Location: Coast

Community Nutrition Kaumatua Service

This is a newly implemented service to support our pakeke / kaumatua towards improved health and wellbeing through nutrition and connection. This program targets our 70 plus age group and focuses on education about good eating as well as facilitating more opportunities for our pakeke to contribute to the broader goals of Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou and to share valuable time with each other.

Location: Coast, Gisborne

Hapu Social Services Holiday Program

The Hapu Social Services Program delivers holiday programs for our tamariki during the school holiday period. The Hapu Social Services also provides advice and information to Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou about issues and challenges that may be emerging in the community.

Location: Coast

Hapu Social Services Family Centred Violence Program

The Hapu Social Services works in the community to seek pathways to supporting those that are experiencing family harm.

Location: Coast

Whangaia Nga Pa Harakeke

Whangaia Nga Pa Harakeke (WNPH) is a partnership with NZ Police and Iwi that seeks to intervene with whānau experiencing family harm. Seeking help is one of the main objectives of WNPH.  When people are safe, then we can work on the next steps to building healthy whānau.  

Location: Coast, Gisborne

Paikea Gym

The Gym is opened to the community between the hours of 6-8am and 12-2pm.

Registrations for the Gym can be made at Reception in the main building.

Location: Gisborne